About Us

Clear Strategic IT Partners Pty Ltd was founded in 2012 by former IBM Silicon Valley lab rat, Martin Spratt to assist clients with large and complex business information technology planning and delivery.

He has over 20 years of data platform and product development , acquisitions, data project delivery and information innovation experience, and is a sought after conference speaker and advisor to business leaders and business-centric CIO/CTO’s who strive to mitigate data risks and extract significant value from information.

Services include:

Technology Leadership Planning & Advisory

  • Information Technology Strategy, Advisory, Delivery
  • IT Transformation Planning & Delivery (People, Process, Applications, Data, Technology)
  • IT Funding and Spending Diagnostics (Transparency, Value, Priorities)
  • Strategic IT Partner selection, collaboration and value extraction
  • Rapid IT Project and Innovation Initiative Assessment/Rescue
  • Enterprise Architecture Value Assessment, Business Value Alignment and Training

Data-specific Heavy Lifting (Big Data, Cloud, Legacy, Modernization)

  • Data Architecture Assessment
  • Data Maturity Model Rating
  • Data Practioner Training
  • Data Monetization and Business Value Alignment
  • Data Damage Commercial Assessment and Benefits Recovery
  • Data Architecture Funding, Planning and Delivery
  • APRA Compliance to PSG235

Technology & Patent Investment Advisory

  • Investment Board and Venture Capital Project/IP/M&A Assessments and Diagnostics


Martin Spratt, Chief Data Officer


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