Our Data Services

Clear offers clients access to deep technical, legal, accounting and regulatory expertise to solve complex data/information business problems.

We operates via an extensive private, highly trusted, global referral network to offer a range of technology de-risking and IT maturity uplift services, as well as unique commercial partnering business models.

Our prime Data Innovation areas are:

  • Data Maturity Uplift – defined through Economic Benefits and Evidence-based enquiry
  • Information Asset Value – and business performance improvements defined through Economic Benefits and Evidence-based enquiry
  • Data Monetization – via raw data and data asset portfolios, Business Model Transition and Enablement
  • Data Architecture Bots – Software algorithms that replace human Data Architects to drive commercial and technical improvements in the Data Landscape

Other  Data Services include:

  • Enterprise and Domain Architecture – People, Disciplines, Industry Frameworks, Tools
  • Big Data Business Case Construction and Big Data Project Rescue and Delivery Assurance
  • Cloudera speciality application and integration services (Real-time Customer DNA Automation – Next best conversation, Next best offer, Churn prediction and prevention)
  • Data/Information Architecture – CMMI Data Maturity Model (Formal Certifications, Assessments)
  • Big Data (Red Hat JBOSS DV, Apache, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, Drill, Impala, CLoudera CDH, more)
  • Integration/Messaging Architecture – Red Hat JBOSS, MuleSoft, MuleESB, Sixtree
  • Metadata (Active-Active solutions)

Specialty Data Services (Heavy Lifting):

  • Data Virtualization – solutions, training, deployment, OEM (IBM
  • Federated Server, Red Hat JBOSS Data Virtualization, CISCO Data Virtualization)
  • Cloud Readiness Assessments & Migration (AWS on-loading, off-loading)
  • Big Data Prototyping & Benchmarks (Retail, Superannuation, Gaming), Proof-of-Concepts
  • Mobility and Multi-Device Application Frameworks
  • Data and Application Migrations
  • Data Quality Diagnostics and Governance Frameworks FOR BUSINESS LEADERS
  • Master Data Management (Customer, Product, Financial, Location, etc)
  • Deep Fraud Analytics, Fraud Detection, Revenue Leakage

Strategic IT Partners