Our Data Software

Clear is adept at assessing and deploying all manner of data intensive software platforms, database engines and data management tools. As we see usability or functionality gaps, we endeavour to close those gaps (or augment) with some of our own unique offerings.

We strive to extract Data Architecture intelligent and embed that knowledge into scalable software bots to automate benefits evidence for complex data management areas such as: Data Governance, MDM, Data Quality, Reference Data Management, Records Management, Integration, Analytics, Reporting and Visualization.

ClearDQ Version 3.0 – is a framework, method and software stack that automates Data Quality Business Case development and Remediation Planning using analytics tools and proven frameworks, to ensure constant funding for the perpetual Data Quality and Data Governance challenge, as well as a DQ Triage Engine. For more information on pricing and  customer case studies go to the dedicated product website at www.ClearDQ.com

ClearDQ – Mobile App for DQ diagnostics
ClearDQ – Screenshot of DQ damage metrics
ClearDQ is based on the book “Data Quality – Trusted Data Across the Enterprise” (ISBN 978-1906355210) by Martin Spratt

ClearCDO (due 2016) –  is a framework, method and software workbench that automates the executive decision making landscape governed by the Chief Data Officer including Data Monetization, Data Asset Value Realization, Data Governance, Data Platforms, Standards, Privacy and Regulatory Data Policies, Data Maturity Frameworks and Data Architecture innovation and architectural programs of work.

Other other customized solution products and turnkey offerings are:

  • Clear RDM – Reference Data Management (Designed)
  • Clear GLOSSARY – Active-Active Metadata Management (V1.0 Designed, Built & Deployed)
  • Clear DG – Data Governance and Data Stewardship platform for business users
  • Clear BACK – Enterprise scale archiving & recovery (Designed)
  • Clear 360 – 360 degree MDM view of customer, supplier, part, employee, etc… (Designed)
  • Clear MIG – Data Migrations & Legacy Data Transformations (Designed)
  • Clear CLOUD – Cloud Data Transformation & Integration (Beta release)
  • Clear PM – Project Management Training & Certification (Prince2) – (Available)
  • Clear BI – Agile Business Intelligence (and DW Project Rescue) – (Available)
  • Clear MOBI – Business reports on the go (Available)
  • Clear ARC – IT Architecture, Training & Strategic Services (Available)

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