Blockchain Innovation

Expressions of Interest

We are currently porting our ClearDQ product over a blockchain.

What is ClearDQ ?

  • Solves – What is the value of your data ? How to you maintain or increase that value ?

Why Port to Blockchain ?

  • We can enable secure, immutable records of data usage, data quality and data governance events, over datasets (music, media, currency) and other payloads, and securely monitor/manage the Data Quality and Data Consumer community in a public setting.

What do we need ?

  • People, Customers and Investors with an interest in Data Asset Value, Intangible Asset Management (AASB 138, IAS 38), Blockchain, Smart Contracts over Blockchain (innovation), Identity over Blockchain (innovation), Reputation over Blockchain (innovation) and Gamification over Blockchain (innovation).

If this is over interest, we’d love to speak with you.

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