Our Partners

Clear is a small data-intensive expert company, and goes to market by assisting or complimenting strategic partners in delivering technology innovation.

We deliver outcome based solutions, work for day-rate (direct or sub-contract) and sell/deploy/support niche data software solutions.

Our technology partners are:


mapr_logo (1)

  • MapR provides the industry’s only converged data platform that integrates the power of Hadoop and Spark with global event streaming, real-time database capabilities, and enterprise storage, enabling customers to harness the enormous power of their data. Organizations with the most demanding production needs, including sub-second response for fraud prevention, secure and highly available data-driven insights for better healthcare, petabyte analysis for threat detection, and integrated operational and analytic processing for improved customer experiences, run on MapR. A majority of customers achieves payback in fewer than 12 months and realizes greater than 5X ROI. MapR ensures customer success through world-class professional services and with free on-demand training that 50,000 developers, data analysts and administrators have used to close the big data skills gap. Amazon, Cisco, Google, HPE, Microsoft, SAP, and Teradata are part of the worldwide MapR partner ecosystem. Investors include Google Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, NEA, Qualcomm Ventures and Redpoint Ventures. 
  • We partner with MAPR to help their clients value and monetize their data effectively, and fund data project investments.

Amazon Web Services

  • We provide Cloud and Utility Computing enablement, migration and support services


  • Since 2007 we have been providing Cloud migration and enablement services, Global Data Centers, Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Data-as-as-service (DaaS), domain registration, web and email hosting


  • One-on-one marketing intelligence at scale, running on Hadoop
  • Lily Customer DNA and 1-on-1 customer interaction automation
  • We provide business engagement, business case support, technical design, POC and production delivery support to NGDATA clients

Cisco Data Virtualization 

  • The fastest DV platform in the market  since 2003 (ask us for the benchmarks)
  • We provide pre- and post- sales enablement for Cisco staff, DV Architecture, Demos, POC’s and production configuration design for Cisco clients.
  • We also provide migration away from Redhat Data Virtualization, Migration design and execution services away from Denodo Data Virtualization and migration services away from IBM InfoSphere Federated Server to the Cisco target platform.

Our consulting partners are:


  • Leading Open Source Innovation and Implementation experts (MuleSoft, Elasticsearch, Red Hat, Docker, Alfresco) helping clients plan and deliver innovative solutions.
  • We recommend Sixtree (Acquired by Deloitte).


  • Leading IT Project Management and Portfolio Management experts (ITIL, Prince2, PMP) helping clients deliver complex projects.
  • We recommend MetaPM to de-risk IT project delivery and IT Portfolio Management.
  • We support MetaPM staff and clients as needed in Australia and New Zealand on complex data projects from a vendor-agnostic perspective

Certus Solutions

  • Leading IBM Software reseller helping clients succeed with Mobile, Collaborative and Information intensive solutions using IBM software.
  • We work with Certus staff and their clients as needed in Australia and New Zealand on complex data projects from a vendor-agnostic perspective


  • Vendor agnostic data delivery partner in UK, New Zealand and Australian capital cities.
  • We support Altis staff and their clients to provide boutique data advisory and data strategy content for mutual clients from a vendor-agnostic perspective

IM Systems

  • Australia’s leading vendor agnostic data strategy and data architecture advisory firm.
  • We support IM Systems staff and clients with boutique bidding or design activity for complex data projects  from a vendor-agnostic perspective

The Mastermind Group

  • Leading the market in intelligent license and IT software management, helping clients maximise software investments while automating software license  compliance.
  • We recommend their unique AirTrack ITAM software family.


  • Australia’s leading cloud-enablement and cluod application provider, supporting NetSuite, BigMachines, NetDocuments, Google Apps, OpenShift and many other cloud application services.
  • We provide Broadcoast staff and their clients senior IT/CIO/CTO strategic planning and advice as required from a vendor-agnostic perspective

Integral Technology Solutions

  • Integral operates across Australia and throughout South East Asia, working mainly with large corporations
    with critical business reliance on information technology
  • Integral specialises in delivering complex and large technology solutions in the region to a broad range of happy clients
  • We support Integral staff clients as needed to refine or de-risk complex solution designs, or transformational IT projects from a vendor-agnostic perspective


  • BizCubed provides Pentaho training, Business Intelligence consulting, integration, deployment, and ongoing support for the Pentaho platform to the Australian marketplace. We partner with Bizcubed to help their clients value and monetize their data effectively, and prioritize data project investments.

Strategic IT Partners