2016 in Review



Folks Merry Christmas and Happy New year as we close out 2016, and wishing you the very best for 2017. I just want to say thanks to all our clients and partners for our 4th successful year.

Assignments This Year

This year in Australia we completed complex Information/Data Architecture (and Data Asset) Advisory projects in the following industries:

  • Medical Education – National curriculum information access & collaboration
  • Social Services/Education – Enterprise-wide information access transformation
  • Energy Retailing – Enterprise-wide digital storage review
  • Livestock Trading – Software product and revenue transformation
  • A Hot Melbourne-based FinTech Startup – Platform assurance for Financial Estate Planning Document Exchange

Software & Tool Development This Year

  • This year ClearDQ got a version bump to V3.0, which included an animation platform for business user engagement, cloud-based data sentiment and data usage capture by “whole-of-business” participants, and an upgrade to the analytics and mapping platform that calculates $-value business damage and the repair roadmap. Cloud and web based, tablet and mobile friendly.
  • Users using the tool multi-year are driving extraordinary business transformation and optimisation using smarter data assets.
  • Next year we will embrace Machine Learning for analytics and mapping to scale the tool automatically across entire industries, and close OEM/reseller agreements with global equipment providers to embed the tool on every desktop, with elastic cloud backend.

International Connections This Year

  • Offshore we continue to expand our sales efforts in the Americas, Asia and the UK, with private introductions to customers via industry conversations and other private recommendations.

Special Events this Year

  • Travelling with global luminary Tom Redman (the Data Doc) in Sydney and Melbourne for Data Quality coaching sessions to local data experts.
  • Demonstrating ClearDQ V3.0 to Global Advisory firms and receiving strong endorsements. Eg; from one leading firm “a brilliant process and tool”.


In 2016 year we partnered very closely with:

  • EMC DELL EMC (www.EMC.com) – Global heavy-weight in data center transformation using industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies.
  • MetaPM (www.MetaPM.com.au) – Australia’s leading consultancy in project delivery, training, consulting and capability development services
  • Diaxion (www.Diaxion.com) – Boutique advisory in Virtualisation services (consulting), Strategy and infrastructure architecture, Data centre infrastructure, Cloud sourcing
  • Blockchain Global (www.blockchainglobal.com) – Australia’s leading blockchain mining, consulting and incubation experts.
  • S.I.P. Management Consultants  (www.sipvictoria.com) – Management consultants and government “technology asset” advisory
  • Taylor & Grace (www.TaylorandGrace.com.au ) a leading business transformation agency specialising in brand strategy, design, marketing, digital and media services.
  • Broadcoast (www.Broadcoast.com.au) – Australia’s premier Enterprise Cloud company

2017 Predictions

  • Intangible Data Assets (Data Valuation) – We see breakout accounting arms race in Intangible Assets (valuation and management), and specifically more adult treatment of Intangible Data Assets under AASB138/IAS38.
  • Blockchain – Expect a sharp uptick in distributed ledger and blockchain technology integration to drive ownership, identity smart contracts and trading in intangible assets.
  • Big Data – Big Data as a term is finished as a hype-trend and retreats into Business-as-usual as we simply process data (of all varieties and volumes).
  • Cloud – The race to the cloud is not over, but renewed care in terms of portability to-and-from the cloud will continue to drive an “application portability and infrastructure commoditization ” agenda.
  • Mobile – Mobile apps and the clever integration of App Suites (lots of little apps playing nicely together) will overtake traditional siloed app design.
  • Machine Learning – Manual analytics will give way to more industrial and commoditized machine learning alternatives requiring less human intervention in the analytics process.

On a Lighter Note – When Data Goes Bad (Video)

While we take our work seriously all year, occasionally we stumble across some really funny business videos in our field of data. Some companies create little parody sketches of when “data goes bad”.

Here is our top, funniest and best produced video for bad data in 2016. Enjoy !!

Best Wishes !!

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